What we do – Residential Claims

AT Clancy Henry Loss Assessors we work for you, on your behalf to ensure the process of claiming for damage to your home is as easy and efficient as possible.

Whenever an insurance claim event such as fire damage, flood damage, the escape of water, theft or any of the many other buildings/contents related insurance perils occurs at your home the event is understandably a little traumatic for you and your family, we are happy to support you.

We do the hard work so you don’t have to. Over the years we have witnessed the stress and upset a claim can cause to families especially if their homes are uninhabitable. We pride ourselves on our personal approach to ensuring that your claim progresses quickly and paramount decisions are made with minimal delay.

All this will help you get back to normal as quickly as possible, whilst we sort out the complex claim issues and ensure you receive the best possible settlement.

We have over 20 years experience and are also experienced surveyors and engineers. Which guarantees that we can advise on how to ensure your home is repaired to the highest standard.

By using Clancy Henry Loss Assessors you can ensure that we are putting your interests first whereas insurers representatives may have a different agenda.

We as Loss Assessors are here to assist in whatever capacity you need and if appointed will manage the entire claim for and on your behalf. We can also recommend professionals, to include surveyors, vetted building contractors, specialist drying and restoration/cleaning companies, plumbers, electricians etc.

We aim to reduce the length of time required for you to have to leave your home if possible focusing on ensuring all aspects of the claim are settled in an efficient manner. 

How to begin the process of engaging us 

In the event of a domestic claim, the insurance company will almost always appoint a professional representative, usually a Loss Assessor, to protect the interests of the insurance company. It is important for the policyholders to be aware that these appointed representatives work for the insurance companies NOT for the insured, their fees are paid for by the insurers.


In most cases, you will be left to deal with an insurance Loss Assessor, who has gained a wealth of experience over many years. We will be delighted to support your side of the process ensuring that you have peace of mind that all is in order.

Rarely the insurance payout process is smooth and as a matter of fact often is the case that the insurance company may rely upon various clauses in policies to mitigate or reduce the extent of a claim and in some cases simply reject the claim in its entirety. This is where we offer you the best chance to settle your claim with the most efficient payout and a speedy process where possible.
Please get in touch through the form below to inform us of your damage / incident and allow us to advise on what to do next. 


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